Hummingblue is based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with an office in Melbourne, Australia. Founded by Mark Ilott and Natalie Granger to provide technology, marketing and business advice that accelerates new businesses and products to market. For a little more about how we operate check out our Key Principles page.

About the Founders

Mark Ilott

Mark is a 15 year IT industry veteran and entrepreneur.

Starting his career in graphic design and print media, Mark discovered the infant world wide web in the early nineties. After designing and building some of the first multimedia web sites, he moved to the booming networking business and has stayed at the forefront of technology and IT services since. While off the tools for several years now Mark keeps his qualifications up to date and currently holds high level certifications from Cisco and Microsoft. He is known as a universal translator – being fluent in technical, marketing, sales, finance and CEO lingo.

Having built and sold three IT services companies, and overseen the merger, acquisition and integration of many more, Mark understands what’s required to build a profitable business.

Staying ahead of the curve is one thing, but Mark has always tempered his passion for innovation with a thorough understanding of both market principles and the need for cash flow and profit.

In his recent stint in the executive team at Australia’s fastest growing IT company, publicly listed Anittel, Mark took on a range of pivotal roles.

Part of a small team managing an aggressive acquisition and integration strategy, Mark took to creating a single corporate culture, standardising a very diverse product set, and building a marketing team that would create rapid organic growth.

With a very broad range of experience and skills, Mark is quick to identify trends and opportunities in technology that can be used for business benefit. His unique and diverse skill set allows him to guide the various functional experts to produce outstanding results.

In his spare time Mark is a keen amateur photographer and would like to think that one day he will capture something truly iconic.

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Natalie Granger

Natalie has 13 years experience in B2B marketing and business management of IT companies.

Graduating with a law degree in 1999, she found herself drawn to business management and with Mark founded Aspirence IT in 2004. Aspirence went from startup to a leading and nationally respected IT service provider in regional Australia in under six years, before an offer too good to refuse tempted the partners to sell and move on.

In various short term project since Natalie has provided expertise in marketing and communications, business culture and HR.

Her passion for the environment initially led her to researching product service systems as a way to a more sustainable world. While conserving resources is no doubt important for the planet and it’s future inhabitants, it turns out it is also very good for business.

Natalie’s passion for people and culture drives her to create business environments where teams can enjoy work while growing personally and professionally. The result has been teams that consistently outperform the competition and industry peers, and have fun doing it.

Her desire for flexible work and freedom translate to business models that are low on liabilities and big on portability. The result is nimble business that can quickly take advantage of new opportunities and make the most of small teams.

In her spare time Natalie coordinates coaches and game day amongst other things for the local junior AFL football club.


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