A New Look Hummingblue

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog front here at Hummingblue while we have focused on a change in direction, and now a change in look.

Hummingblue was launched just five months ago as a marketing consultancy. We soon realised however that we do more than that, and that we wanted to be more focused and work with a small number of clients in more depth.

So in startup terminology we’ve just completed our first ‘pivot’. We’ve taken what we’ve learnt over the early stages of the business, mixed it up with some organic change in direction, and relaunched with a new focus.

We have already invested in one new software/internet startup company and created another of our own.  We are looking for more.

We are taking what we have learnt over 15 years in the technology business and several of our own companies and marrying it with the latest lean startup techniques. It is this expertise and experience that we are now offering to new businesses and new product and service launches.

With a focus on internet and mobile technology businesses, products and services, Hummingblue is a one stop shop for a new breed of startup.

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